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Würzburger Improtheaterfestival 2019 – Gastspiel2

Double-Feature: Death Machine & Random

ACHTUNG ACHTUNG!!!! Karten und Reservierung ist NICHT über das Theater Ensemble möglich. Die Karten können auf Wütix und an folgenden Vorverkaufsstellen erworben werden: Jugendkulturhaus Cairo, H2O, Kellerperle, Nähcafe Edeltraud, B-Hof, Zeychen & Wunder.
Der Vorverkauf endet um 17.00 Uhr am jeweiligen Spieltag.
Falls die Show nicht ausverkauft sein sollte, gibt es danach noch Karten an der Abendkasse.
HIER der Ticketlink.

Saturday, October 26th 2019 // theater ensemble // 8.30 PM
A show about true inspiration and true sight into the future // In English
Old age. Drowned. Buried alive. The
Death Machine tells you how your life is going to end. No
specific date, nothing about the circumstances. Just the cause. How do you continue living? Are
you braver now because you think you’ve got the control? Or are you just scared?
The ensemble
Instantâneos from Lisbon/Portugal will perform improvised stories in which the
characters are constantly confronted with their own mortality.
In the second half the french ensemble
Théâtre de l’Oignon presents Random. This format
needs no suggestions! Actors and musician bring you on board into different universes, simply
inspired by the atmosphere of the room, the music, the lights…
Théâtre de l’Oignon are recognized all around the world for their unique style which combines
physicality, slowness and creativity from the guts.
Music by
Jan Höcker.
in advance: €12.00 (discount €9.00) including advance booking fee
box office: €13.00 (discount €11.00)

Karten und weitere Infos unter: 0931-44545